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Interested in volunteering?

We understand that your time will be limited, but we are keen to use your help and, we hope, find something interesting for you to do.

Broadly our activities fall into a number of strands of work, which include:

  • Programming films, researching and suggesting films to match the interests of our audience
  • Marketing and publicity, which includes emails, website, Facebook, twitter, press, etc.
  • Events, including check-in, meeting and greeting, introducing the evening, music and other  ‘added extras’
  • Artwork, including e-posters, e-mails, website resources,etc.
  • Organisation – for example organising volunteers, film festivals and outdoor events
  • Screening – setting up and operating the screening equipment. This is definitely not rocket science, so don’t be put off if you don’t yet know about projectors and sound systems!

Please contact us with your name, email address and a short message and we will get back to you for further discussion. 

YVONNE – volunteering on the short film shoots

I enjoyed my day as a runner for the Talkies’ commission Sunday Worship. I didn’t know what to expect so I was glad I wasn’t alone, Surayya was runner co-ordinator and sent me the schedules for the day. The film crew had driven up from Bristol really early so Surayya organised bacon sarnies for them. I also met Sarah who took photos for Talkies throughout the day. Our first exotic location was a bus stop on the North Circular Road. Then we moved round the corner where I asked a few members of the public if they would cross the road so they didn’t disturb filming. Our last shoot was in Broomfield Park. The cameraman wanted a 360* shot of Brian Croucher as he gazed at the bandstand. This was tricky because people kept going on the bandstand and  we had to keep our wits about us to keep out of shot. Between shots I got to chat to Brian. The crew were grateful for our help. I’m looking forward to watching Sunday Worship – the film I helped  to make!